Michael F Sheridan

Rank: TSgt

Entered Into Eternal Rest

TSGT Michael F. Sheridan (Mikey) passed away 27 March 2017.

Mikey was the stereotypical, "Old Sarge " Combat Controller. Gruff, and rough around the edges – he was the kind of guy who has been there and done that with regards to… everything. He was as hard as they come. He endured parachute malfunctions, rough seas, broken bones, and every hardship of the field – sweltering heat, freezing cold, and driving rain.

The young airmen loved him, but at the same time, feared his wrath. Mike could chew an airman’s butt so hard that it felt like a physical assault. Exhausting. Unlike the calculated norm of today where words must be chosen carefully – even in rebuke. Mike wasn’t afraid to unleash a string of profanity and belittlements that insulted everything from the city they came from, their looks, their apparent lack of education and common sense, all the way to the utter disappointment that their parents must have felt for raising such complete and utter dumbass. But it was effective. Trust me – they rarely made the same mistake twice. No one wanted to go through that, again.

Then – as only Mikey could – he would change demeanor, take them under his wing, and show them the right way to do, whatever it was. And beyond that – why it was the right way – and why it was important. Because under his hard exterior, he was a guy who really, really cared, and a guy who made everyone around him, better. A consummate teacher. He was that one NCO that left a mark on their souls, and taught them things they would never forget. And not just the those who served under him, but also his peers and superiors.

As Combat Controllers, we lived in a tough guy world, and Mikey stood out. A man’s man. A hard and dependable NCO. But mostly a team mate for life.

Rest in Peace Brother

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