Paul V Heffron

Rank: Unknown

Entered Into Eternal Rest

Paul Van Heffron 1961-2009, 48 years old, was born May 27, 1961 at St. Anne's on the Sea, in England, and died at home in Boise, Idaho, on Aug. 23, 2009. He will be sorely missed by all who loved him, none more than his loving wife, Julie, and beautiful daughter, Sam.

Paul met his future wife and forever soul mate, Julie, in November of 1991. Samantha Josephine completed their family with her joyfully anticipated arrival in October of 2007.

Paul's passion for travel and adventure began during his tour of duty with the United States Air Force in 1981. He served as a Special Forces Combat Controller and was honorably discharged in 1987. Afterwards Paul continued to pursue his love of travel while working for an oil exploration company in such interesting places as Asia, Africa and South America.

Second only to fatherhood was Paul's passion for free flight. He loved to compete in long-distance paragliding competitions all over the region and did so for many years. Paul was a kind and giving soul, a loving husband, and a gifted father. According to Julie, "Words cannot express the connection Paul had with Sam." He was exceedingly intuitive about her feelings; he could calm her, and had a sixth sense about what she needed, long before she was able to communicate. In keeping with his free spirit, love of travel, and sense of adventure, Paul's ashes have be released in flight, joined with the wind once again. We will shelter you forever with our love, Julie and Sam.

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